Monday, 23 March 2015

Photoshop Studies: Self Portraits

    Today was a very interesting Photoshop studies class. We were given a small mirror and tasked with creating self-portraits. Unlike the last studies we were not set a specific time. Instead responsible for timing ourselves to make four quick studies in the space of an hour. It was fun to get into skin and hair texturing in this lesson and I believe the final piece reflects this as it seems to have come out rather well despite my comparative lack of experience with faces.

    The next two hours of the lesson were then devoted to creating a detailed piece (above). Because I felt that one of my studies was quite successful I decided that instead of starting fresh I would build up on it, one of the key moments during its creation was advice about finding a way to make the skin appear less smooth, so I experimented with a few brushes to see which one would give me the best texture that I wanted.

    There is still a little distortion as the mirror I was given made my head taller than it really is, hence why a couple of the below drawings look like someone rather different.


  1. Wow, these are pretty awesome, i'll admit i could tell this was you without looking at the post's name, very well done! :)

  2. Very recognisable Mark! :)