Friday, 6 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Sporozoite development

    I may have spent a little too long as concept art for these Sporozoite tests. But regardless I find something simple but effective about no. 6, no. 2 and no. 8. It was a little challenging to balance Giger and smooth and for some of them the outcome was better than others. But as they inhabit the same universe (in a way, I still would like soem alien aspet to them) as the body cells, I figured that they should retain some degree of "clean and simple". I want to nail down the sprozoite because as the first stage of infection, it would serve as the template to all the subsequent stages of the Plasmodium's life cycle.
    Following Phil's advice I have looked into unifying my image for the human body's interior to give a sleek, efficient look. Along with experimenting with different mechanisms. I am considering that a camera-shutter opening on top of the RBC might not suit the aesthetic, so I wondered about something more elastic for the opening. The alternative is to make the valve the merozoite goes through a little less clear-cut. Because of the Mosquito's involvement in delivering and extracting the parasite, I have considered making it similarly sinister in appearence. Image No. 14 was an attempt to reduce the mosquito down to basic shapes to see what kind of jet I could make from it.


  1. 5 or 7 Bro, good improvements.

  2. I like 5 too! I think 8 is pretty nice as well.

    1. I might go for 8. Although 5 seems to be popular for the armour and the biomechanical cables.

  3. 5 has a lot of good detail I rather like it :) 8 has a more simplistic style which might aid you well when modeling. :) Good job!