Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Infiltrate Exploit Spread: Initial Tunnel

Created some basic mock-ups for the blood vessel. Because of the structure I found a little difficulty in lighting it the whole way though. But so far a spotlight appears to do a good job of basic illumination. I toyed around with different lighting and ambient occlusion settings

1: FIrst attempt with basic light and ambient occlusion setup. Seems very dark near the end though
3: Tweaked the brightness of the blynn and the ambient occlusion node
4: I upped the raytracing on the spotlight. This created softer shadows behind the rings and less of a film grain look.
5: To add a feel the tunnel is continuous I considered giving the tunnel a slight bend, which would be joined at the end by a continuation of the model I have right now for the tunnel.
With image 5 I like how the bend in the tunnel adds a certain flair to the hilights especially near the end.


  1. These are looking really cool! The bend at the end adds some depth to it, good job.
    I quite like number 2 for lighting, but it depends how well lit you want it to be.

    1. I'm going for a well-lit environment initially as these all look more grey than white. But perhaps to coincide with the merozoites reaking havoc the tunnel becomes much darker in the second half (lights failing and malfunctions spreading and all that)