Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage: Mosquito Thumbnails

    More thumbnails, this time primarily focusing o nthe mosquito. I started off by trying ot strip it back and quickly noticed how jet-like it largely looked. So I decided ot build on this. One of the other thigns that came up in my research was that it's abdomen, as it feeds, swells to accomodate the collected blood. Although this goes against one of the common things about a jet which is there are little to no soft parts. It is also a very soft area as when it's empty it is hidden by the carapace. But when it fills up, depending on the species it can either be seen between the emrging gap the dorsal and ventral abdominal plates, or the entire abdomen becomes a bright red. WHich I believe is t odo with how thick the chitin is over the abdomen.

    For the details of the project however, this is inconsequential - the mosquito is basically filling up an elastic fuel tank. So this is perhaps a minor detail.

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