Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mosquito Development: More Heads

    In response to some feedback I have looked into designing a more insectoid head for my mosquito, while also taking some influence from the cockpits of helicopters. In thinking about it, I might go the route of a robotic mosquito rather than a jet that happens to look like a mosquito although perhaps the design is not so far out that it doesn't look like something that could be piloted.
    Which made me wonder about the option of including the antennae and pulpa, important components of a mosquito's head - antennae particularly are characteristic qualities of insects - but it might subtract from the machine aspect unless I include them as radio antennae. And then there's the issue that very few antennae are designed to be pointed against the direction of travel  because the wind resistance would logically break them. Keeping the antennae off the body might make it look less insect-like, but it also streamlines the design and means I have less to animate.
    That and the sight of wobbly antennae might end up making it look less threatening. One alternative could be the use of pylons instead of antennae, which would achieve the effect of saying this is an insect and their rigidity would not make the thing look so silly..

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  1. Yes, I do think you need some kind of antennae...try out a few options and get them out for opinion!