Monday, 16 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage Pitch: Feedback ideas

From the feedback I got from today's pitch I have come up with the following ideas based on what was suggested to me:

  • I will consider a more streamlined shape for the mosquito-jet and instead of the rather slapped-on wheels I will instead consider more insect-like retractable legs. Although I am still considering between giving it four or six legs.
  • The sporozoite will have more of an exoskeleton due to it having more movement than the other phases of the parasite's life cycle.
  • Instead of the high-pulse electro music I used in the animatic, I will look for a piece of music closer to something Hans Zimmer might make.
  • I will consider a voice to add some sense of explaination into what is happening. The voice will represent the body's A.I.
  • Because Mosquito's design and feel indicate that it is intentionally deploying the parasite (in real life I am not sure if mosquitoes are aware their spit includes an anaemia-inducing parasite), should the mosquito have it's own A.I.?
  • The body A.I. will mostly talk about the losing battle against malaria. The mosquito AI will mostly talk about the parasite's condition inside the jet.

I also have a resolution for myself: When I find a piece of music that I think might fit what I am working on I will make sure to get feedback on it first before I consider inserting it. In order to avoid a repeat incident of showing off an animation where the music I have added ends up provoking reactions I do not expect.

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