Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Exploration and refinement of Considered Shots

    I decided to look into what I had done and refine some of the images; making tweaks, extensions, shavings and refinements to a couple of my previous blackout thumbnails. I am drawn to 1 but somehow I like the atmosphere of 2. With 3 I thought back to an idea of perhaps the city being in a canyon after looking at a few photographs of rural Chinese landscapes (a region of the planet famous for undulating landscapes, high cliffs and humid climate).

    The styles of all these buildings made me think on the "Biopunk" theme for most of the evening (a sibling of cyberpunk, where the theme's focus is on the issues and consequences of genetic engineering, synthetic biology and living machinery) due to the organic shapes reflecting advances in bionic practices. Thinking back to the idea of a "grown" city. It could also link back to the Oriental setting I had considered as the Far East has historically been well-known for its medicinal advances and in more recent times this region of the planet has become a popular site of interest for advances in the field of bionics and organic engineering and architecture. Seeking to achieve a sense of harmony between man and nature though design and living spaces

    These cities feel a lot more massive than the one proposed in my OGR, and at the same time could be much more fun to make and explore since I usppose from a practical sense, one of the drawbacks to constraining a city inside a giant flower is the limited surface area which is dependant on the size of the plant. A more traditional location allows metropoli to spread for miles and miles and miles. There's some creepyness but I think the tone could also be heavily affected by the materials I use and the mood I set the lighting (thinking on liting from behind for 2 and 3, with the sun's rays creeping over the mountains in the distance).

    A lot of Treacy's designs use fabric and wireframe to convey texture, sometimes with the wire meshes being so clear or the threads being so magnified that they form a highly visible criss-cross pattern across the surface of the material. I feel inclined towards 2 although the bridge in 3 would definitely look striking when lit as a model. 3's lower part also puts a lot of emphasis on scale as I tried to make it appear as if it were sprawling over a canyon, the true floor somewhere deep below.


  1. For me, number 1 just doesn't feel quite right - I think it is the vary large, very centralised building. 2 does it for me, as it has the most depth.

    Just a thought, could you post your silhouettes of the hats that you are using to construct these cityscapes, if you haven't done so already? (I have had a look through, but I can't see them...) I think it would be useful for your viewer to see what the shapes are derived from :)

    1. At the moment I am juggling between 2 and 3. 2 I like for the cityscape at the back and I could fit some sort of green space In the bottom-middle, 3 I like because I am interested in the idea of part of the city being a bridge over a canyon. It feels like an intriguing idea to explore especially with buildings on top.

      I'll see what I can do about posting my silhouette templates. I have a collection of the templates I used on my home PC so when I can I will see about pasting them on to a contact sheet.

  2. I really like 2 and 3 here, I love the distance cityscape in number 2, makes it really look like a metropolis.

    1. Yeah I'm leaning towards no. 2. The distant cityscape is more noticeable and the midground could be used for something like a park, rather than what could be yawning chasm in 3.