Thursday, 6 November 2014

Maya Lighting Tutorial - Alien Orbs and a Three-Point Setup

     Getting used to lighting I'm starting to understand the purpose of the various light sources. The idea of backlight and bounce can help to mimic the kind of lighting that could be immensely complex to code as an algorithm due to the frequency at which light does bounce around a room. This way there is also more control over the intensity and direction of boucne and backlighting for various purposes.

     During arrangement of the lights I definitely found it useful to look down the camera in one panel, and scale, angle and move it with the sliders in another third-person panel. The tutorial was fairly brief and below is the end result of what I managed to produce in a surprisingly brief amount of time (10-20 minutes roundabout) and for a first image it came out fairly well aside from perhaps the rermost orb which may still have a little too much edge highlight to it.

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