Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Santa and the Naughty Boy: Update

    Managed to fully colourise my zoatrope today. but there is still a little more to do as he appears to be floating in midair. There are a few design qurks such as his collar but other than that it all appears reasonably smooth.

    I am thinking of giving hi ma stool given the way that he is sat. Most shopping centre Santas I've seen sit in a big chair, with maybe a christmas tree nearby but that may make it a little busy of an image. So For now I am thinking a stool and abasic backgound will suit the background I desire.

    I also wonder if I could do with cleaning up the back, like removing the line that keeps emerging from the right.


  1. Really nice, even if he is floating at the moment. I say keep it simple and give him a stool, also that line to the right makes it seem like it's from a old film reel.

  2. Yes, I love the retro feel that this has too....I would just get a stool in there and not worry about the line!