Saturday, 15 November 2014

Project 2 Development: The Mountain

    At present I am at something of a design crossroads in regards to the background. Here I have attempted to alleviate this by coming up with several variations of the overall elevation and tint of the the mountain behind the city and created the following contact sheet in an attempt to work out which combination may work best. Above the dividing line are different tint experiments and below the dividing line are various tests with the height of the mountain. Personally I am more inclined towards combining thumbnails 7/8 and 3 to get the right shape for the mountain
   Because the sun is rising up from behind the mountain I intend to add a golden highlight along the ridge that fades away the further the mountain line gets from the son location. The main reason I wanted to experiment with altitudes was because I was interested in the kind of skyline that could show within the cloud layer. To the right is another height test. This time trying to make the mountain a little more undulating and allowing for smaller buildings to appear taller as well as bringing them into the sky a little more.
   These changes may have a knock-on effect in terms of highlights due to the altitude of the sun in the image which I decided early on would be peeking between the cliffs of a distant valley.


  1. Looking great so far Mark, you have a nice composition going on here! I like how you clearly guide us through each step it's very useful in terms of being able to change things quickly. Though remember this is just a concept piece, I wouldn't get caught up in every tiny detail as these can be left for your key asset and orthographic sheets. Other than that keep going on with this! :)

  2. I might have gone a tiny bit overboard with the buildings in the foreground (what with them being the closest buildings in the shot) but I have been telling myself to spare the detail towards the back of the piece so I don't overdo it with detail and thus lose the focus.