Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Life drawing 12/11/2014

    Some more life drawing done today. The bottom-left image was a practice in negative space and the "inner-subject" as I could call it was drawn with a combination of green and red coloured pencils. The idea to use these came from seeing a green tint in the highlights on the subject's back and legs which was probably a result of light reflected on bundles of green plastic tape that were behind the subject that reflected the light onto his back. At certain angles however human skin does posess faint greenish/blue tints to it particularly under yellow light due to the blueish colouring of near-surface veins. The bottom-right drawing was very interesting to do due to the lightboxes in the picture which created some interesting shadows and highlights especially on his stomach, right shoulder and legs.

     The bottom-right drawing was also drawn in the dark with only the lightboxes for illumination in order to bring out the highlights and shadows cast onto the subject's form. The top half of the right leg may not entirely be perfect as it could do with a bit of thickness on the top and the face could use definite improvement, it was a bit fiddly with the charcoal stalk I had on me. I used a putty rubber to add some of the highlights and clean up some of the shadows. For instance there was a very crisp shadow under his right thigh from the cushion he was sitting on which I cleared up after drawing in and smudging in the tone using the putty rubber to get a nice near-clean line which would primarily have been broken up by the minute roughness inherent in the makeup of human skin.

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