Saturday, 1 November 2014

Thumbnail Updates and Flower Exploration

    Managed to pass the 100-thumbnail threshold in I think a far faster time than the last project and have already considered what to do for a ocncept backdrop. I also started combining silhouettes to see what interesting shapes I can come up with. I was for some reason jostling between the mindset of this being a project that my designer would explore and a joint project combining our styles and ideas. The last few thumbnails were me brainstorming street furniture.
    My curret plan is a concept piece that builds on thumbnails 74 and 67; the idea of a central building in a plaza surrounded by other buildings and behind a flower-like fountain. I did some looking into the meanings of flowers and found three that interested me: The Orchid, Lotus and Peony. Three flower species that are heavily steepedi n Chinese culture. Although I might drop the peony as it's purpsoe feels more superficial than the others (Treacy loved to look beyond superficial prettyness of flowers) as they traditionalyl represent prosperity, honour and are often associated with royalty, compared to the lotus which is highly prized for an expression of purity (Lotus are aquatic-borne plants and bear petals as vibrant and delicate as any tulip or white rose. This idea of such a pretty flower growing from mud is where the association of purity comes from) and is held in high regard by numerous Asian cultures and particularly in Buddhism where it serves as an expression of enlightenment; In a sect of Buddhism I like to explore the seven energy centres (or "chakras" within texts) that run up the human spine are represented by increasinly elaborate lotus flowers, with "awakened" chakras being presented as opened lotus flowers.

    I was drawn to orchids as this was a flower that was the focus of Treacy's 2000 Orchid collection at the Paris fashion week. In a coversation with a lux interviewer, he was intrigued by how an orchid petal, while delicate and exquisitr to look at, was also fairly stiff due ot its composition. Looking into it, Orchids are another "prosperity" flower that are also representative of a deeper sense of artistic expression that perhaps goes beyond expression. It also represents fertility. This might be good for the fountain but for the central building I think the lotus might in-part take centre stage as there is so much meaning and significance to such a simple and perhaps strange flower. or considering the lotus is a water-bound plant, it could take central theme with the fountain, with something like thumbnail 100 dominating the image behind it.


  1. Hey Mark! Just wanted to let you know we're creative partners for this project. You have got some great ideas here and already so many of them! I really like the idea you have for 67/74 as you mentioned. I quite like 63, 71 and 72 as well though.

    1. Hi Kayliegh.

      I am planning to look into turning 74 (with elements from 67 and 72) into a final concept image for the upcoming OGR so I'm glad you like the idea.