Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Update: Travalogue Addendum

    "...Yet for all the beauty that captivates the eye. For every haute couture dessmaker’s, perfumery and tea shop. I cannot help but wonder what I could see if I peel back the skin. What opinions must come from spending all of the day in a garden high above the ground, walking about in the likeness of Mother Nature while captivating all those around with a stolen scent? Yiquanhuabanliuyu is certainly beautiful, I could spend all day examining the outlandish dresses, hats and coats that line the shop front windows, or indulging myself in the taste of the many brews of tea consumed by its inhabitants every day, or sitting in the shade under a cherry-blossom within one of the elevated gardens, soaking in the tranquility of organised ecosystem around me while looking out on the city below. But for all the beauty, for every flight of fancy this city satisfies for you, I see people who remain hollow, feeling unfulfilled, and wonder if their emptiness is their doing, or the city’s.

    Even as I leave, the magic of the city travels with me. And every chrysanthemum, orchid and lotus flower I see draws me back and fills my thoughts with its perfumed aromas. And reminds me of all the sensations I left behind."

    This is the planned addition I have considered to the travelogue that explores the "darker side" of Huabanliyu. That though tangent may have gone all philosophical. But I suppose part of what I have to consider is that no city is perfect. Even the idyllic fictional utopian cities of Coruscant, Theed and Rivendell have less pleasant aspects to them that draw them away from being perfect places to live. So I figured that in order to ground Huabanliyu it made sense to give a less perfect side to it.

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