Saturday, 22 November 2014

Maya Tutorials Update

     I understand that I have been neglecting updating my blog since the OGR, so due to the fact I will be starting Maya modelling this coming week I figured i'd finish the tutorials I have been set. I had completed the colour map tutorials earlier in the week but due to the frantic pace I had neglected to upload them.
    I worked on the bump and specular maps last night but after readying themaps for the windowsill and the wood and graphing them in the hypershade, Mental Ray began playing up on my computer and kept failing to render, something I will have to look into but other than that I do feel I have an understanding of how to make bump and specular maps. I have the scene save up to date so I can investigate it at some point. It may have been Mental Ray decided to play up only for that evening and I might have better luck now that my computer has had a rest. One of the things that changed from when I did the colour maps was I remade the maps for the bricks and the cobbles into TIFF files, which oddly didn't appear to bother Mental Ray when I rendered them..

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