Thursday, 13 November 2014

Project 2 City Progression: Fleshing out

    I think the city is coming together okay. In reflection of what was told to me on the last project's OGR I decided I needed to seriously pump-up the vibrancy so to match the sky I gave the city a nice yellow-orange tint to it to go with the sunrise/set in the background which I think has made the whole place look a lot more exotic. After discussion with feedback I realised that "Senbonzakura" didn't fit at all since apparently it's Japanese (one of my concerns when coming up with the name's local version), so after conducting research on an online dictionary (which I suppose I should try and verify with another source), the new name should probably be  "Yīqiān huābàn liúyù" (Yi-qian-hua-ban-liu-yu) which means "thousand petal valley" in Chinese. Admittedly the name is a bit of a mouthful but its more credible as Beijingfor example translates as "Northern capital". However the previous name was a Japanese name which culturally would be a big no-no given the history between the two countries.

    To live up to its name I finally added some rooftop gardens and some visible plant life! There is still a little more to do such as the landscape below the textured city but I think this is progressing a lot more promptly than my plast pieces as well as having fewer layers after I managed to get used to merging completed layers. Its feeling more solid as a concept but after this is done what remains will be orthographs and a redone travalogue.

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