Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Life Drawing - First nude model

     Today I had my first drawing session in a while with a naked subject. All of this was done in charcoal with the first two being done in the span of 20 minutes while the collection of figures on the third image were quick-draw subjects ranging from 3 minutes to tart with decreasing to 30 seconds nearer to the end of the session and I just-about managed to fit all poses on a single sheet of A1 paper. The fourth image took 10 minutes to draw and it involved the model sitting on the bench provided for him. Although looking back at it I think I skewed the proportions for the fourth picture horribly considering the length of the arms, torso and the size of the head. It was only a 10 minute drawing so it probably was not going to come out visual perfection when I started.

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