Sunday, 9 November 2014

Project 2 Space and Environment Update: 09/11/2014

     I'm starting to really hit a roadblock with this project. One of the suggestions I was given was to be less literal and more abstract in my city designs. I'm fairly set on the main building I want to include but the problem is filling in the gaps between major buildings. As a milliner, Treacy's designs are not intended to be combined with each other which means when I tried to arrange several shapes he'd design into a city block it but just looked mad and jumbled.

    So I tried at more abstract shapes, curves, something fro ma modern art sculpture but I do not even know if it is Treacy-like what I have come up with. One thought I had considered involves putting the central building towards the back. However this decision made me feel as if I was going backwards as it meant more thumbnails, more location and composition arrangements and more building ideas so now I feel stuck in the thumbnail stage with the end (the the final concept image) feeling very far away.

    I'm having trouble seeing past this current point as my current thumbnails are beginning to feel either more of the same thing or something that doesn't quite look like a Treacy work despite suggestions of aesthetic over function and to keep to organic abstract shapes I worry its starting to look like things other designers would make rather than something he'd make.

    When it came to 155 I think I snapped and underwent what is described in the video game Dwarf Fortress as a "strange mood" and drew almost under automation a collection of squiggles that I then tried again with subsequent thumbnails, filling in and shading the gaps to give structure to look like modern art sculptures. Starting with 164 I also considered making the building as more of a background element which led to this feeling of going in a circle that I mentioned earlier (even if that is the design process, what kept me from doing this on Invisible Cities was I had 19 different cities to choose from as inspiration. Here I've created over 165 thumbnails for just one city and from one root).

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  1. Mark - I think you're drawing in a too-complicated way; think about working up from silhouettes - knock the detail out; my point about 'too literal' meant you'd started drawing flowers as flowers, as opposed to deriving sculptural/structural forms from flowers. Stop drawing for a moment - this method is clearly giving you nothing new - try something else: look at some natural flower forms, turn them into strong, crisp silhouettes and then 'assemble' architectural forms from the silhouettes; once you've got a strong silhouette, you can draw the detail back into the form in the knowledge that it's looking strong. Stop drawing - start assembling! And keep real architectural stuff as your reference: imagine the sidney opera house as just a silhouette - see:

    simple, strong, organic, essentialised... this is what you need - not complex pencil drawings, but punchy forms; why not take Treacy's hats and turn them into an inventory of silhouettes for recombining?

    Time to change up your method!