Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Project 1 Update: An Evolving Theme and Style

    I decided to make some thumbnails using Photoshop and I reaise now that I think I might have a detail concern probably because I'm working with a digital paintbrush rather than say paints or pencils on a traditional medium so I get this feel that I need ot add more detail all the time, but I think most of these thumbnails turned out okay despite how much time was spent making them. I'm getting more of an idea for my city and one idea did come to mind: Treacy's hats were often described to be whimsical so I thought "maybe the city is whitin a giant lotus flower?" so I experimented with that, and in 132 I experimented with a lotus flower that's not a standard colour (in 132 I tried to experiemnt with the idea this was a giant wood-clad lotus). I stuck to earthy and plant-related colours in respect to Treacy's influences and inspirations.
    I do kind of like the city-inside-a-plant idea and perhaps have exidence of industry outside of the flower's limits. I was also intrigued in the idea that - again, Treacy's interest in a building in China - the city was in the heart of a landscape found in Cambodia, China or Vietnam. So I was thinking lush forets, deep blue waters, high mountains and very rugged terrains and generally huge amounts of saturated colour.

    I have also talked to other students about giving my city a Chinese name, and right now I am looking into a translation into something along the lines of "valley of a thousand petals". Tumo helped me find a translation for "city of a thousand petals" (which might be closer to a city nickname) which apparently is "Senbonzakura" (Which sounds like "Sen-bon-zah-ku-rah" to me).

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  1. I love the shapes you are using, Mark. Number 120 looks fantastic and I really want to see more of it. I really like the way you paint .:)