Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Update 2: Santa And The Naughty Boy

    Spent this morning drawing and implementing Santa's stool. I used the blending technique from the Maya colour mapping tutorial to ckean up the edges of the frame although didn't check until after editing to realise that people actually liked the line that was on the right as it made the whole thing look like an old film reel (which in hindsight would be an effect that would have gone perfectly with the film grain).

    It's still there in a couple of frames (just less noticeable), and since I still possess previous versions of the slideshow in GIF format I can always extract the line from certain frames and add it back in as I had blended then merged the withfoundation layers for each frame.


  1. Great stuff, Mark!! Don't worry about reincorporating the line - the grain and the occasional flicker of line do the trick very nicely :)

    1. Its getting close to the deadline and I'd rather not spend all week on this project so I think for now I'll call it finished. I will print it out and construct the zoatrope roll tonight.